3 Time-Tested Recipes of Safe Gnat Repellent

The whole process of how to get rid of gnats seems rather simple just on the surface.

gnat repellent

The key thing is that these pests have a 4-month life span, and each female can produce up to 300 eggs.

Consequently, a few dozen females will lay several hundred eggs while you are still looking for their source.

So, to know what repels gnats may be your 1st aid in these terms.

There is a vast array of either chemical or natural repellents made to control annoying gnat populations.

But this is high time you found out about the most effective ones.

A Chemical or Natural Gnat Repellent? 5 Expert Answers

1. Homeowners rush to buy chemical bug repellants because of two obvious reasons - it is easily available, plus everyone uses it. But if you bother about the impact of harmful ingredients around your pets and children, use natural methods. Just a few people realize how effective they can actually be.

2. Time-tested natural remedies are both easy to make, cheap to prepare and safe to use with food, plants, pets, and family members around.

3. Anyway, effective methods of gnat repelling require simply positive identification of insects. In order to properly treat the whole pest infestation, it is best to always consult a professional.

4. Gnat repellents made with essential oils cannot be overestimated. They repel not only gnats, but mosquitoes, flies and similar creatures! Making a gnat repellent or an insecticide from the right essential oil is probably the safest and the most beneficial alternative to store bought products with synthetic chemicals. Which works the best? These are spearmint, peppermint, geranium, vanilla and eucalyptus essential oils. 3-5 drops added to a base oil like jojoba work wonders! Besides, why not make a spray from these oils added to a witch hazel base? Remember that you are not recommended to use gnat repellents directly on your body, just on clothing, bedding, in the air, and so on. For the best effects, try good quality, therapeutic grade oils.

5. All in all, getting rid of gnats is sometimes time consuming. Even though you throw away all food sources they are swarming on, these persistent insects go on living in your home or yard, looking for other things to infest. On the other hand, here are time immemorial natural solutions to the gnat problem of any complexity.

3 Handy Enemies of Gnats

  • Regular kitchen water plus some liquid dish soap in a spray bottle will not only kill gnats but ants on contact. This is probably the easiest spray in the world.
  • Rubbing Alcohol - Prepare its diluted solution with water in a spray bottle and just spread it whenever you notice a gnat around.
  • Citronella oil - Mix 2 cups of water with 2 spoons of this oil in a spray bottle, adding several drops of liquid soap. You can safely spray this mixture near plants and garbage cans, as well as around home.

By the way, bringing your own homemade gnat repellent while camping, hiking or fishing will help to have a truly pleasant and safe experience!

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