Try a Medal-Winning Homemade Gnat Trap!

Remarkably, how gnats come out of probably nowhere!

homemade gnat trap

Just in one day your house may become infested by a million little pests, swarming over food, plants, and what not.

Does this mean you need calling an exterminator? Of course, not. In order to create an effective homemade gnat trap, you need simple household items and a piece of expert advice.

What Can Be Better Than Homemade? 4 Smart Choices

1. Do you know how many homeowners have already benefited from vinegar gnat trap?

In these terms, apple cider one is considered the most effective.

The key principle is to pour it in a plastic bowl, make a plastic wrap and poke the tiny holes. Once the aroma spreads, gnats will get through these holes, but won't get out of a trap. The bottle should be replaced regularly and placed wherever needed. Add little fresh vinegar every 2nd-3rd day to trap more gnats. The pungent odor lessens, when increasingly exposed to air. You may also add a liquid detergent, fruit juice or sugar water. Thus, your gnats will be killed after they drink or fall into it. Another alternative can be a mixture of dishwashing detergent, white vinegar and water.

2. Sugar gnat trap also contains milk. To manage everything right, pour the mixture in some shallow dish and put it at in infected area. The insects will simply get attracted to the treat and end dying in the liquid.

3. Heat gnat trap means that this is high time you used an oven. So, place an over ripened banana (gnats love bananas!) into it and leave the door open. Within a few hours, gnats are going to have a grand fiesta on this fruit. Now close the oven and turn the temperature onto about 200 degree Celsius. This is the end of the pests life. Finally, clean everything.

4. Sand & diatomaceous gnat trap takes place when it comes to your houseplants. Having got fungus gnats in their soil, add a layer of sand or sprinkle a layer of diatomaceous earth to the pot. Both of them repel and kill gnats.

On the other hand, it may be not so pleasant to make all those traps every time a gnat infestation occurs. That is why prevention is a must. This is not so difficult to take care of your food stuffs, maintenance of drainage system, proper hygiene and litter free surrounding on regular basis.

Here is the gnat prevention copybook maxim:

  • Battle with the primary causes first. Before starting your hands on various strategies, cut down any supply of food to unwelcome guests. Keep even fresh fruits & vegetables in the refrigerator or just throw them away. While you are not aware, thousands of gnats keep breeding in a single rotten potato.
  • In addition, there are so many attractions for these pests! Also, fit the kitchen windows with special tight-fitting screens, which help to prevent the insects entrance.
  • Speaking of plants, they should have a good drainage system and be not over-watered.
  • In a word, keep an eye on any ideal ground for the gnats to survive and thrive!

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