How to Get Rid of Termites: 3 Entomology Secrets for Effective Battling

According to the International Pest Management Association, the termites of all possible types cause a $billion-damage to homeowners annually.

how to get rid of termites

Probably, nobody is immune against termite problems.

There are so many expert advice on how to keep them away, but an initial word on this enemy is a must.

Indeed, termite colonies are worth being arranged in order, first of all.

Though these pests work 24/7, they are rather slow eaters.

In other words, your house will never break tomorrow.

Averagely, one termite colony will eat a pound of wood only in 5 years.

Thus, you have enough time to make up your mind and get ready with the right course of action.

How to Get Rid of Termites Smart, or Your No.1 Handbook on Pest Control

1. The 1st and always winning strategy is to call a professional. This is one thing to kill termites, but that is another thing to eliminate an infestation entirely. You've got to choose. If termite infestation is on a large scale, you are not advised to do it yourself. The whole point about professional services, compared to DIY, is their expertise identifying the infestation of any kind. Another good thing is periodical inspection of your property hereafter.

2. Despite termites may all look the same, they are of different types. Which category your own pests belong to also matters. No doubt, you have to know what termite you are dealing with: subterranean, dry-wood, damp-wood, powder-post or Formosan. The statistics says that 90% of most termite populations are subterranean, while 10% of them are dry-wood.

3. There are either natural or chemical methods of how to get rid of termites.

The natural route is connected with beneficial nematodes #1. They are the worms killing garden pests, including termites. The former burrow into the latter and cause their natural death. These helpful creatures of 5 varieties can be easily bought both online and from any local garden supply store.

A cardboard trap is a #2 natural method. All you need to do is place it in a termite-infested area and then burn the termites off.

Exposing the pests to sunlight #3 also kills them for you. If you've got infested furniture, put it under direct sun rays.

Boric acid #4 is another alternative, as this is the main ingredient of most store termite insecticides. It destroys the insect's nervous system and dehydrates the pests. Why not spray wood with this acid and check these bait stations on a regular basis?

Orange oil #5 eliminates termites too. Just drill holes in the infested wood and fill them with the orange oil extract.

Chemical methods include arsenic dust, which kills all the colony members. Termites feed on it and die. However, this strategy is limited to licensed professionals. Permethrin dust is also effective for instant results. Along with spot treatment, the pros use electrical shock to electrocute the whole termite colonies.The liquid method involves various termiticides, spread into the soil and thus carried into the termite colony.

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