What Is Mosquito Magnet and How Does It All Work?

Mosquitoes have gained the reputation of probably the most unlovable insects in the whole world.

mosquito magnet

Sure thing, they are a total pain in warm and hot evenings.

Let's face it, what can be more annoying than a chirper landing on you, biting you, sucking out your blood, and leaving an itchy red welt behind?

In the worst case scenario, mosquitoes can turn from simply annoying into rather dangerous, because of possible tropical region diseases.

In these terms, malaria is the main mosquito-borne parasite. After all, is it worth being a mosquito magnet?

The General Idea of Mosquito Magnet: 8 Research Notions

1. It's a matter of common knowledge that mosquitoes bite people. But they prefer some individuals over others. The entomologists say that these insects do demonstrate blood-sucking preferences. Therefore, 1 in 10 people is highly attractive to mosquitoes.

2. But this is not just bloody breakfast, dinner or supper got from a certain host. These are actually female mosquitoes, which are in a constant need of human blood for reproducing and developing fertile eggs. Amazingly, but males do not bite at all.

3. So, whom mosquitoes like best of all and which is an ideal hunk of human flesh to hunt on? There is a great number of researches associated with it. What is for sure, there are particular compounds and odors that might be quite attractive, say technical advisors of most Mosquito Control Associations. Thus, 85% of our susceptibility to mosquito bites is caused by the 'body chemistry'. When it is found in excess on our skin surface, mosquitoes swarm closer.

4. According to the statistics, these can be high concentrations either of steroids or cholesterol, certain acids, etc. The point is that similar substances trigger the mosquitoes sense of smell.

5. The very process of attraction starts long before practical landing. Do you know that mosquitoes can smell their victim from a quite impressive 50-meter distance?

6. Any type of carbon dioxide (that said, heavy breathing and lactic acid from sweat glands) is an attraction even over substantial distances. Larger people and pregnant women are at an increased risk with their greater-than-normal amounts of it. Accordingly, movement and heat provoke mosquito bites. The nature of these insects is very sensible; so, they feel your movement and head right toward you.

7. To keep a long track record, over 175 species of these pests have been around during 170 million years! In other words, mosquitoes are never going to disappear from your life. 'To be or not to be a mosquito magnet?' - this is the question. Try not to be the chemical signature, to which mosquitoes crave!

8. With all this and that in mind, a few manufacturers have created a specific trap machine called 'Mosquito Magnet.' It works by emitting attractive substances and then trapping/killing female mosquitoes near breeding spots. According to the official website Mosquito Magnet®, 6 brand traps can capture 1.5 million (!) mosquitoes. In fact, this is No.1 mosquito trap in America.

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