Brown Recluse Spider Bite: 7 Highlights from Experts in Arachnology

It's a matter of common knowledge that most spiders are absolutely harmless to both pets and humans.

brown recluse spider bite

They hunt for soft-bodied insects and enjoy eating them.

Biting is a reaction of elementary defense to any sort of alarm.

The statistics says that from 20,000 species of spiders inhabiting the USA, for example, only 60 types can bite people.

In its turn, only 4 out of this small group are dangerous: the black widow, the hobo/aggressive house spider, the yellow sac spider, and the brown recluse.

Finally, only the brown recluse spider bite & the black widow spider bite have been associated with significant consequences.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite: Let the Experts Say

1. The brown recluse venom is regarded to be more poisonous than that of a rattlesnake! Nevertheless, the former causes less medical conditions compared to the latter, because of little poison quantity injected into the arachnid victims.

2. The brown recluse spider bite is toxic to both cells and tissues. In fact, its venom is a specific enzyme collection. Once released into the victim, these enzymes result in the destruction of a local cell membrane, skin, fat, and even blood vessels! The whole process may cause 'necrosis' or eventual tissue death in the areas surrounding the spider's bite site.

3. Amazingly, but the brown recluse venom is also capable of inducing an immune response in its victim! Thus, there can be released different inflammatory agents and disease-fighting blood cells within the area of injury. This is the secondary effect of the brown recluse spider venom.

4. The symptoms of brown recluse bites tend to go unnoticed, as being painless. Occasionally, a sufferer may feel some minor burning like with a bee sting. Generally, any signs of biting usually develop within 2-8 hours and lead to tissue destruction! So, what can the victims experience? This is the most common:

  • (1) pain at the bite site after 4 hours;
  • (2) itching;
  • (3) nausea or vomiting;
  • (4) fever;
  • (5) muscle pain.

5. How does the brown recluse spider bite site look like? It is reddish and reveals fang marks upon close inspection. It may become firm and will heal with some scaring during the next few days/weeks. Occasionally, there can be severer local reaction with erythema & blistering. Sometimes, the latter leads to blue discoloration; while ultimately it leads to a necrotic lesion & scarring.

6. Having felt any discomfort and the very first signs of a bite, seek for immediate emergency medical aid! The home remedy while waiting for professionals is to wash the bitten area with soap & water, and place ice on it.

7. What to expect at an Emergency Room? Well, a health care provider is going to monitor the patient's temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and breathing rate. After that, the symptoms will be appropriately treated and pain medicines will be given. With proper medical attention survival past 48 hours is a good sign of recovery.

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